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    Early Submission deadline: Oct. 29, 2017

    Final Submission deadline: Jan. 14, 2018


    The first round of papers are accepted from early submissions, and afterwards papers are accepted on a rolling basis until the final deadline.


    We welcome original submissions from undergraduate students studying at any university. We publish research articles and review papers - interest pieces should be directed towards our blog, “The Abstract”. Data published in our journal is generally republishable in other scientific journals.


    All articles are peer-reviewed by two or more professors or graduate students from the relevant field; all pieces also undergo rigorous style and copy-editing by our editorial board. Above all, we seek to publish well-written articles demonstrating scientific acumen as well as accessibility to the general scientific readership. We encourage authors to write engaging manuscripts and limit technical jargon.


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    To submit, please place your article and pictures in a zip folder and email the zip folder and consent form with the express title "LAST NAME, FIRST NAME: Manuscript Submission"

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  • What is MSURJ?

    When the McGill Science Undergraduate Research Journal (MSURJ) launched in Fall 2005 as a student-run initiative to promote and support undergraduate research, it was one of North America’s first peer-reviewed journal devoted to undergraduate work. The journal offers undergraduate students from any university the unique opportunity to publish their findings to the McGill research community. 


    The journal distinguishes itself with its rigorous editorial process; we hold our articles to a high standard of scientific acumen and writing quality: each incoming submission is first revised by our student editorial board. Qualifying articles are then submitted to our peer-reviewers, professors and graduate students who hail from universities all over the world.


    Submissions deadlines are TBA.


    Our diverse editors, united by the mandate to promote undergraduate research, are involved in all journal operations, from soliciting research articles to coordinating the peer-review process and launching the journal. We encourage anyone with strong writing and editing skills and an academic interest in science to apply.



    Editorial board applications are due September 29th, 2017. 



    In addition to providing students with the opportunity to participate directly in the publication process, MSURJ is always looking for ways to encourage student involvement in all things research. In the upcoming school year, we will be hosting a new array of scientific activities to the McGill community ranging from R-workshops to research seminars.


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  • Behind the Scenes

    Meet the students who make MSURJ happen. Scroll below for application information.

    Nick Pant


    Department: Electrical & Computer Engineering

    Research Interests: optoelectronics, nano-structured materials, solar energy

    Life Interests: graphic design, sweet potatoes, Wikipedia

    Rachel Greben


    Department: Pharmacology

    Research Interests: basic: genomics, clinical: competency-based medical education

    Life Interests: dogs, figure skating, Game of Thrones

    Sebastian Andric

    Managing Editor: Outreach

    Department: Biology

    Research Interests: neurobiology

    Life Interests: music, rugby, gaming

    Howard Li

    Managing Editor: Logistics

    Department: Life Sciences

    Research Interests: drugs and their mechanism of action

    Life Interests: food, martial arts, snowboarding

    Abtin Ameri

    Managing Editor: Technology

    Department: Mechanical Engineering

    Research Interests: propulsion systems, fluid mechanics, solutions of Maxwell's equations

    Life Interests: reading, table tennis, memes

    Deifilia To

    Managing Editor: Journalism

    Department: Chemical Engineering

    Research Interests: genomic sequencing, bioinformatics

    Life Interests: ultimate frisbee, drinking tea

    Graydon Tope

    Senior Editor

    Department: Anthropology and Biology

    Research Interests: spatial organisation in bacterial cells, plants

    Life Interests: running, peanut butter, understanding the beauty of the universe

    Yingke Liang

    Senior Editor

    Department: Life Sciences

    Research Interests: painkillers

    Life Interests: music, food, historical French mathematicians

    Jill Kaplan

    Senior Editor

    Department: Microbiology & Immunology

    Research Interests: virology, vaccines

    Life Interests: theatre, books, gymnastics

    Richard Yang

    Senior Editor

    Department: Life Sciences

    Research Interests: neuropharmacology

    Life Interests: cuisine, music, learning

  • MSURJ Alumni

    The people who have made MSURJ great. Includes MSURJ board members from 2015 onward.

    Ariana Aimani

    Editor-in-Chief (2015)

    Meng Zhang

    Editor-in-Chief (2015)

    Adam Pietrobon

    Managing Editor: Outreach (2015)

    Tatiana Sanchez

    Senior Editor (2015)

    Lindsay Brabant

    Senior Editor (2015)

    Aditya Mohan

    Editor (2015)

    Alexander Chatron-Michaud

    Editor-in-Chief (2016)

    Sapan Patel

    Editor-in-Chief (2016)

    Lavinia Lee

    Managing Editor (2016)

    Helen Lai

    Managing Editor (2016)

    Jasmine Li-Brubacher

    Senior Editor (2016)

    Shannon Egan

    Editor (2016)

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    805 Sherbrooke St. West Room 1B22
    Montréal, Qc H3A 2K6

    Email: mcgillsurj@gmail.com

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